Stock | External reservations

External reservations are reservations coming from an external system (eg ERP). Reservations are used to reserve products for which we do not have an order yet, but there is a high probability that the customer will decide to order this product. Reservations is useful in a situation where we offer certain products to the client and we do not want someone to bought them from stock in the meantime.
Important! External product reservations do not reduce the stock. Stock change is possible via endpoint stock (see description of this endpoint here)


Sales order number
Product identifier (SKU)
Product line number in sales order
Reserved product quantity

GET sales order reservations view

In this endpoint it is possible to get information about a specific reservations In this case use GET /api/v1/account/integrations/auth-required/external-reservations by entering salesOrderNumber
The diagram below shows the dependence of communicating with the API:
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Use the following query parameter to get list of a specific reservations:
  • salesOrderNumber

Example request

curl -X GET "https://ph-qa0.one.unity.pl/api/v1/stock/integrations/auth-required/external-reservations?salesOrderNumber=1997" -H "accept: */*" -H "one-tenant: {tenant}" -H "ApiAuth: {apiKey}"
In response we will get specific reservations with details

Example response:

{ "salesOrderNumber": "1997", "products": [ { "productId": "ORNO_OR-NR-6094L7", "lineNumber": "2", "reservedQuantity": 20 }, { "productId": "ORNO_OR-SL-6083BLR4", "lineNumber": "1", "reservedQuantity": 100 } ] }

PUT - partial update provided sales order reservations

Use PUT /api/v1/account/integrations/auth-required/external-reservations to reserve products in an external system.
The diagram below shows the dependency of communicating with the API:
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In request body it is necessary to put belows parameters:
  • salesOrderNumber
  • products:
    • productId
    • lineNumber
    • reservedQuantity

Example request:

curl -X PUT "https://ph-qa0.one.unity.pl/api/v1/stock/integrations/auth-required/external-reservations" -H "accept: */*" -H "one-tenant: {tenant}" -H "ApiAuth: {apiKey}" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ "salesOrderNumber": "1997", "products": [ { "productId": "ORNO_OR-SL-6083BLR4", "lineNumber": "1", "reservedQuantity": 100 }, { "productId": "ORNO_OR-NR-6094L7", "lineNumber": "2", "reservedQuantity": 20 } ] }"