Application Role Integration Controller

Roles help to define the company's privileges dedicated to a specific position. Thanks to the role you can assign e.g. rights related to browsing invoices to the employees of the accounting department. The user will receive a registration message to his mailbox, after the registration is completed his account will automatically be assigned to the role.
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read more about creating and editing roles here

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Identifier of Client

GET client roles

In order to get information about client role use GET /api/v1/catalog/integrations/auth-required/operators using specific ID of Client. The diagram below shows the dependence of communicating with the API:
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Use the parameter in query below to get information about role for specified Client:
  • clientId
curl -X GET "https://api-preprod.one.unity.pl/api/v1/authserver/integrations/auth-required/roles?clientId=org%3A838bed9a-8063-4e4c-93c3-f74b59fcaa5a" -H "accept: */*" -H "one-tenant: {tenant}" -H "ApiAuth: {apiKey}"
In response you will receive information about roles
Example response:
[ { "id": "f0b77cba-e37c-4cd3-b257-47c4ba47e07b", "clientId": "org:838bed9a-8063-4e4c-93c3-f74b59fcaa5a", "name": "Majster", "authorities": [ "APP_ADD_TO_AUTHORIZATION_CART", "APP_DELIVERY_PICKUP", "APP_VIEW_INVOICES", "APP_VIEW_ORDERS" ] }, { "id": "50870c42-c3a1-4f05-bb2d-ed1330e0cde0", "clientId": "org:838bed9a-8063-4e4c-93c3-f74b59fcaa5a", "name": "Ksiฤ™gowoล›ฤ‡", "authorities": [ "APP_VIEW_ORDERS", "APP_VIEW_INVOICES" ] }, { "id": "8c1a260e-c6ef-4f04-90f6-f2bf6ec520d1", "clientId": null, "name": "Administrator", "authorities": [ "APP_VIEW_USERS", "APP_VIEW_ROLES", "APP_VIEW_ORDERS", "APP_VIEW_INVOICES", "APP_ADD_ORDERS", "APP_DELIVERY_PICKUP", "APP_AUTHORIZATION_CART", "APP_ADD_TO_AUTHORIZATION_CART" ] } ]